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Input examples

This page contains examples to show how files from different sources can be compressed into a ZIP using stream-zip. It is likely they will have to be modified for your use case.

At the moment only one example is available

Named local files

from datetime import datetime
from stat import S_IFREG
from stream_zip import ZIP_32, stream_zip

def local_files(names):
    now  =

    def contents(name):
        with open(name, 'rb') as f:
            while chunk :=
                yield chunk

    return (
        (name, now, S_IFREG | 0o600, ZIP_32, contents(name))
        for name in names

names = ('file-1.txt', 'file-2.txt')
zipped_chunks = stream_zip(local_files(names))

Submit your own

Pull requests (PRs) that propose changes to this page are especially welcome. PRs can be made at the source of this page. Submitting a PR requires a GitHub account and knowledge of the GitHub fork and PR process.